Hotel in Saint Gilles


The Ideal place for a hotel in Reunion Island

Saint Gilles is located on the west coast of the Reunion Island. This is the most popular place of the island due to its tropical climate and its 20 kilometers of coastline - The perfect place to enjoy long days in the sun.

Saint Gilles les Bains is a little St. Tropez on Reunion Island. Here, relaxation prevails even after sunset. This touristic village has something to keep locals and tourists up with its many bars, beach restaurants and nightclubs.


The small village of Saint Gilles, who was at one time a small fishing village, has grown significantly since. The small port of Plaisance can surprise you both in originality and entertainment. You will discover a lot of restaurants, shops, a fish shop and great places of interest.


The surprising Tamarins road operates as a gateway to connect the south-south-west of the island to Saint Gilles and further north. For northerners the capital of St. Denis and surrounding areas, Saint Gilles is even easier to access thanks to the old direct route.


No trip to Reunion Island is complete without visiting Saint Gilles. The small coastal town is even an excellent starting point to visit Reunion Island. The Piton Maido is for example located within 2 km, and the capital Saint Denis less than an hour away.


If you like nature you will try to visit the mountain peaks, circuses, pitons and ramparts of Reunion. But what better way to end the day in the sun before heading back to the hotel.

With its beaches of golden sand, activities to enjoy together, Saint Gilles is a great place for a wedding holiday on Reunion Island. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to choose from the most beautiful places to visit in Reunion Island.


Places to see near Saint Gilles

The most beautiful coast of the island is adorned with natural places and attractions to see. A different face from volcanic mountains certainly, but there is plenty to do if you love seaside getaways.


The beaches

For many Reunioneses, Saint Gilles possesses the most beautiful beaches of Reunion Island. White sand, blonde sand, coconut palms and casuarina trees are the main assets of the area’s beaches. Here, we really feel that everything is rushed to the sea. To your bathing suits, destination, the sea.



Located less than two kilometers from our hotel, the beach of the Hermitage is the longest and most spacious beach on the island. At the Pursuit of Happiness or peace? The beach of the Hermitage provides an endless stretch of sand lapped by a turquoise lagoon.

Also called Hermitage beach and Hermitage les bains, this beach is over 7 km long. Here, there is no need for a deckchair, the white sand offers a natural sweetness to visitors. Moreover, it is a beach protected by a coral reef and the swimming area is secure.


Boucan Canot

Boucan Canot Beach is a must during a stay in Reunion Island. The beach is decorated with nice bars and restaurants, the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail at the water's edge. It is the most touristic one beach Reunion Island.

The beach is not protected by a coral reef, which is appropriate to admire the frequent jumps of the whales but a little less for the presence of sharks. However, one can enjoy the water as there is a hot area, a lifeguard station practically in the water and for the less adventurous, a natural pool.


Roches Noires

Located near the marina, the beach of Roches Noires is one of the most beautiful on the Reunion Island. She is also known for being the most "trendy" beach of the island. Yes the beach is frequented mainly by young people and the surfing adherents.

The beach is supervised and we can swim in the turquoise waters mostly all throughout the year (The red flag notifies the ban and green announces the authorization to bathe). Sea excursions for fishing or to watch dolphins usually have Roches Noires as starting point.


Aquarium of Reunion

If diving is the best way to discover the aquatic biodiversity of Reunion, the aquarium is the perfect solution for those less comfortable underwater. You will discover 500 species of fish in more than 600 000 liters of sea water and natural coral.

The Aquarium of Reunion is located 3.3 km from the hotel in the heart of the marina of Saint Gilles les Bains. A place where you dive into the sea of ​​the Indian Ocean and its vast population of fish, sharks, sea turtles. To visit with the kids!


Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is the perfect contrast to the Reunion Island usually called Intense Island.The image of the Garden of Eden located in Saint Gilles les Bains is a true oasis adorned with the finest representation of the fauna and flora of the island. The endemic species are beautiful and areomnipresent in the garden. You will also discover species from the Mascarene Islands and the Big Island, Madagascar.

If this is the ideal trip for the family, the Garden of Eden also attracts a lot of couples and honeymooners. It is pretty romantic to walk in these fragrant alleys. Wildlife aside, you really need to have the eye to distinguish the colored geckos and chameleons in the garden. If you want to be safe and not miss anything, ask for a guide (extra charge) at the reception.


Gift idea: you can buy a lot of garden products like homemade honey.